People expand and grow under spiritual evolution. In order to promote efficiency, a system is necessary in order to control and to develop the spiritual or God consciousness within.

This means that when one is developing out of mere personal consciousness into spiritual consciousness, one begins to develop deeper and larger powers, sending thoughts down into the inner centers of your organism.

Find the powers within your inner centers at Solution Concepts.

Physical science says that if the electronic energy stored in a single drop of water were suddenly released, its power would demolish a large building.

Who can estimate the power stored in the millions of cells that compose the human body?

Get in touch with your energy...

We are pressed upon by ideas of materiality.

Thoughts make things, therefore material thoughts will bring forth material things.

Eliminate from your mind all thought of the burdens of the world, the burdens of your life.

Do not imagine anything but good because under the law of thought, combined with substance, it will sooner or later come into expression.

Empower your body and mind...

Be steadfast, strong, and steady in thought and you will establish strength in mind and in body.

Never let the thought of weakness enter your consciousness, but always ignore the suggestion and affirm yourself to be a tower of strength within and without.

Your disappointments are measured by your degrees of expectations.

Expect to grow in many positive ways at Solution Concepts...

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